Monday, July 18, 2011

[SAR_044].To Die - Album Collections

Selama karirnya, To Die telah menghasilkan 3 buah E.P. dan sebuah album diskografi. Pada package album ini dirangkum sebuah koleksi mini album-mini album dan sebuah diskografi dari To Die.
Dari keempat album tersebut sangat terdengar sekali eksplorasi musikalitas yang dihasilkan oleh To Die, mulai dari oldschool grindcore, noisecore yang bising, hingga grinding emoviolence yang terdengar mulai rapih rekamannya. Selamat Menikmati!

Through out the carrer, To Die has produced 3 E.P.'s and a discography album. This package album contains the collections of E.P.'s and a full length discography from To Die. From those four items could be heard obviously a journey of musicality exploration made by them, starting from oldschool grindcore tunes, annoying noisecore, to a grinding emoviolence which the stuffs is so much better for the sound aspects. One word to say "Enjoy!"

Streaming Song :

To Die - Too Precious To Leave

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