Kami merupakan sebuah netlabel yang sangat senang berkorespodensi dengan siapapun yang hidup di hamparan alam semesta ini. Jadi apabila anda ingin bertukar tautan ataupun hanya ingin bilang "Hai!" kepada kami. Silahkan kirim koresepodensinya ke sini

Juga page ini dibuat sebagai bantuan untuk anda jika ingin lebih mengenal scene lokal (Indonesia) dan Free Culture.

We are a kind of netlabel which is really really please for corresponding to anyone or anything who live in this such wide wide universe. So if you would like to exchange links or just to say "Hai!" to us. Feel free to send it at

And also the page is made as a guidance for those of you who wants to know more about local scene (Indonesia) and Free Culture.


Zines and Literature

Media and Communities

Free Music Resources

Supported Artists and Musicians
  • Fitterhappier Surabaya's talented artist who has made a lot of artworks for local bands such as De Morte, Fuentes, Hi! Mom, etc.
  • Good Morning Breakfast An indiepop band from Cirebon.
  • Hana Madness Jakarta artworker who has done a lot artworks for many zines.
  • Tata Bahasa Augusta bass player and also has done artworks for such noise band like Augusta, Teen-A-Bang, etc.
  • Toro Elmar The man who has done the logo of this netlabel, About The Drunker guitar player, and of course he is the pro for art matters.
  • D.O.A. Painter/artworker from Jakarta with a strong dadaism sense.

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